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United Nations, General Assembly 76th Session
Moment for Nature
Tuesday July 19, 2022

The United Nation's "Moment for Nature" was a day-long event convened by the president of the General Assembly, his excellency Abdulla Shahid, to review recent decisions concerning the global environment and assess remaining problems, including: gaps between commitments and actions, the lack of younger generations at negotiation tables, and the need for better communication, engagement and wider mobilization. We were fortunate to be invited to present our work on how sustainable engineering solutions, and how our health, both depend on biodiversity, and to distribute our two booklets (see homepage to download PDFs) to member nations.  

 “We know that we have backed ourselves into a corner with our recklessness.

We know that this will only get worse, and quickly, as we continue

to delay the actions that are needed.

Together, we possess the know-how and the resources

to achieve sustainable transformations;

transformations that can deliver us to a more resilient and bountiful world."

Abdulla Shahid,

President of the U.N. General Assembly

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